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Sugar It Off

Specializing in Spa & Strip techniques of Body Sugaring. Services include Body Sugaring; I.P.L. Permanent Hair Removal...  For more information and price lists please click on the link to our website.  If you have any questions please contact

Loretta Turner at 306-790-1300

Body Sugaring

Today's women AND men are continually searching for the easiest, most painless way to achieve the modern hairless look.  For centuries, women have depended on a natural sugar paste to remove unwanted hair.  Sugar's natural protective and healing qualities make this the gentlest, safest procedure to date.

What is Body Sugaring

  • Body sugaring is the gentlest and safest technigue for hair removal to date

  • Sugar paste removes unwanted hair by the roots and leave skin smooth for up to four weeks

  • With Regular treatments, hair regrowth is finer and sparser.

  • Sugar paste wraps around individual hairs, without sticking to live skin cells, making it safe for most skin types.

Why Sugaring

  • Sugar is 100% natural, while other products may contain chemicals or preservatives

  • Sugar paste is water soluble, making cleanup simple and convenient - plus for both the client and technician.

  • Sugaring removes hair after minimal growth, no need to wait for extensive hair growth between applications.

  • With sugaring, there is no bruising or burning of the skin.

Women / Teen Body Sugaring Fee's



Upper & Lower Lip, Chin, Jaw Line, Neck, Sideburns

Two Facial areas

Low Face

Nape of neck 



Full Legs

Upper Legs or Lower Legs


Toes (one or all)

Toes & top of Feet 

Thighs - Back only

Thighs - Inner 




Bikini- Basic (Pantyline)

Add an IPL for an additional

Bikini - Plus (thong & low rise)

Add an IPL for an additional


Loyalty Pricing on Brazilian

Add an IPL for an additional

Stomach line



Full Back 

Lower Back

Full Arms & Hands

Upper Arms incl. Shoulders and Elbows

Lower Arms incl. Hands & Elbows


Chest -  From:

Back  -  From:

Upper Arms -  Add:








































When booking online if you do not see the service you require please contact
Sugar it off - Loretta - Call/Text  306-790-1300

To contact us by phone

or Text 306-790-1300

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